Carmen Hurtado Perez

2016 Exhibitions:

-27th October-13th November. Real Cercle Artistic Barcelona. Carrer del Arc. Inauguration 27th at 19.30.
-Disturbing distribution. Performance in Catalunya square. Acción: Avenida de la luz.
-Ladyfest Barcelona. Mitja subversiva. Yo no soy tu abuela. Collective exhibition.
-Poellage. Galeria Inusual Project. Exhibition and curator. ( Rayos y Centellas).
-Macba. La fanzinoteca. Collective publication MINCA. Anarchivo.

Artist multidisciplinary. The research is parallel to the creation of the work. Refuse images or document lead to create prints, collage, sculpture, and installation. Projects that can be recovered and expanded.
The work is conceptual, working with archetypes, symbols, metaphors and mythology.

Interest in making visible conflicts of identity and power of a society of control and of standards. Claim the diversity of ideas and of heterogeneity.

Ours is a disciplinary society in which an invisible and diffuse network of power that it crosses all produces and reproduces our habits, our customs, our thoughts, experiences and perceptions we have of certain objects and regulates our behaviors. We are individuals-mass, standard, which we believe to choose but we are influenced by prejudices, us judge and slave of normality at the same time.
Source: Foucault.

In projects such as Omphalos (2014), or to be or not be (2014), Habeas Corpus (2014) there is the distinction between the female-male, the healthy-sick, the body is present.
The search of the place or the integration into society, they are in The non-place (2013), In the maze (2011), The ladder (2013).
Social links of emotional belonging in Amort (2013) opposite love and death.
Or the illusion of reality in Real or Unreal (2011)